World Youth Skills Day July 15

World Youth Skills Day: Skills Development to Improve Youth Employment

The United Nations recognizes July l5th as World Youth Skills Day to raise awareness of the importance of young people developing skills that will better prepare them for the labor force around the world. The UN reports that young people are almost three times more likely to be unemployed than adults and are continuously exposed to lower quality of jobs. This reinforces inequality and makes young people’s transition from school to work even more challenging.

Youth Skills Day highlights education and practical training as key elements of success for young people entering the work force. This parallels one of the Sustainable Development Goals’ target of increasing the number of youth and adults with relevant skills that can be attributed to later success in an individual’s work career (to learn more about our work and the SDGs, click here).

At Kakenya’s Dream, we believe that all young girls and boys should have the opportunity to discover and develop their talents. An individual’s personal achievement in the workforce can have a positive ripple effect on their family, community, country, and ultimately the world.

Our boarding school, the Kakenya Center for Excellence, gives young girls the opportunity to develop these skills needed to become change agents and contributing members to their community, nation, and global society. Emphasizing the importance of young people in the workforce will better prepare and strengthen the entire labor force for the future. Our Network for Excellence continues to hone our alumnae’s skills and leadership talents. Click here to read more about the ways our programs are teaching young girls empowering and life-changing skills for success.

Help us provide our girls with the skills and trainings they need to thrive in their future careers and communities by making a gift here.


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