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Annual Report 2022

A Message from Our Leader

Demand for our Health and Leadership Training program continues to increase in schools across southwestern Kenya. We’re proud to share that in the past year, we have doubled the number of schools and youth reached with vital education on their health and human rights, as well as training on leadership, self-advocacy, and life skills. Locally, the program is called Jijue, which means “know yourself” in Swahili, because it gives young people comfortable, confidential spaces to discuss questions about adolescence, puberty, and other sensitive topics.

By partnering with 28 schools across four counties in 2022, the program achieved our goal to support and empower youth outside of our flagship education programs. Best of all, our school partners and program facilitators shared that they saw noticeable improvements in students’ overall health knowledge and attitudes toward gender equity.

By the Numbers

Facilitators Trained
Schools Reached
Students Reached

Student Spotlight: Ledama

“We were taught about female genital mutilation (FGM), HIV/AIDS, and early marriage, among other topics. The issue of early marriage is so important to me because it happened to all my sisters. Two of my sisters were married off when they were in grades 5 and 6, while one of my sisters didn’t even attend school. If only I had a chance, I would have taken them back to school. Once a girl is educated, they are able to create a bright future for themselves, so I plan to support and stand with other girls in my community to make sure we all have the same opportunities.”

Student Spotlight: Lorna

“I have two cousins, ages 19 and 17, respectively, who were cut [subjected to FGM] and married off. The older cousin was cut while studying as a seventh grader, and thereafter married off after completing her primary school education. Her sister was also cut and married off, before even completing her primary education. Having gone through the Health and Leadership Training while studying at the Kakenya Center for Excellence (KCE I), I vowed never to allow anyone to subject me to FGM. When my mother brought up the conversation of wanting to subject my younger sister and I to the cut, I was able to confidently stop her. The comprehensive training I received has enabled me to obtain knowledge on the effects of FGM and early marriage, and how to defend myself. My dream is to become a lawyer, so that I can advocate for the rights of women, girls and neglected children in society”.

Training the Trainers

We hire and train a team of skilled, passionate young adults to teach our Health and Leadership Training curriculum. These trainers (also referred to as facilitators) help us achieve our mission and expand our reach; in return, we provide them with income and valuable professional development.

The unemployment rate for young adults across Kenya is extremely high. In very remote, resource-limited communities like those we serve, jobs are very scarce, making the unemployment problem even worse.

Part of our mission at Kakenya’s Dream is to uplift and transform rural communities. By creating jobs for young adults in need of work, we’re reducing poverty, revitalizing the local economy, and ensuring our friends and neighbors are better able to support themselves and their families.

Who are our trainers?

Average age of female trainers
Average age of male trainers
have completed a university/college education
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Trainer Spotlight: George Saitoi

“I come from a community where I grew up watching young girls get pregnant, undergo FGM, and get married off. I felt there was a need to create awareness in the community and call for change. I yearned for an opportunity to enlighten young boys and girls and be part of the agents of change.

Being a teacher, I observed that many students did not have knowledge on sensitive issues related to sexual and reproductive health. Students did not understand how girls become pregnant. The Health and Leadership Training program has been an eye opener.

When we train students, we enlighten them and make them leaders of tomorrow. They will be liberated enough to spread the messages we’re teaching them across many generations. In the future, they will become informed parents, and we shall have an informed society, free from FGM and other harmful cultural practices.”

Alongside our Health and Leadership Training program, we continued with our Linda Dada campaign, launched in 2020 to combat the rising rates of teen pregnancy in Kenya through educating the general public. Teenage pregnancy remains a persistent challenge in the region, so community-wide interventions like the Linda Dada campaign are crucial in order to drive positive behavioral changes in the youth population.

The campaign ensures that adults and leaders in the wider community are receiving accurate, objective sexual and reproductive health information complementary to what’s being taught to youth in our Health and Leadership Trainings. The campaign also works in tandem with our Health and Leadership Trainings to break down the stigma of discussing these sensitive subjects, encouraging more open communication between youth and their guardians and partners. This holistic strategy augments the overall success of our health programs community wide.

By the Numbers

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Giving Circles

  • Bruce and Charlene Bainum
  • Pamela Reeves and Jeffrey Goldberg
  • Stuart and Lynda Resnick
  • Roger Sant
  • John Lee Compton
  • Danyelle and Adam De Jong
  • Linda Howard
  • Jen Klein
  • Marlene M. Johnson
  • Alison and Scott Mellon
  • Jeanie Milbauer
  • Betty Hudson and Boyd Matson
  • Joanie D. Nasher
  • Peggy and Brian Sassi
  • Elizabeth and Robert Soppelsa
  • Dottie and Ken Woodcock
  • Anonymous (2)
  • Mary Jo Arnoldi
  • Katherine Bradley
  • Ronit Berkman
  • Tara Bunch
  • Leslie Calman
  • Norma Dicker
  • John and Andra Ehrenkranz
  • Casey Frandrup
  • Christine and Todd Fisher
  • Mr. Robert T Greig & Mrs. Susan M Greig
  • Nicolas Hare
  • Beth Heifetz
  • Judy and Kevin Moak
  • Wendy Munger
  • Harold Joseph Newman
  • Margot Pritzker
  • John and Bev Reno
  • Harriet Saperstein
  • Anisa Tootla
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Triano
  • Lee and Sam Wood
  • Anonymous (2)
  • David B. Anderson
  • Patricia Begley
  • Amy Blackwood
  • Marion Blakey
  • Joseph and Maury Bohan
  • Denise Bordonaro
  • Walter and Marina Bornhorst
  • Cheryl Brink
  • Brian Corcoran
  • Diane and Lee Crockett Charitable Fund
  • Hilary A. Cusack
  • Margaret DeMoss
  • Karen Desnick
  • Jeff and LeeAnn Ettinger
  • Lionel Euston
  • Folake Fabunmi-Vinig
  • Jeanna French
  • Linda Gottlieb
  • Deborah Gray
  • Anne-Marea Griffin
  • Kathy Hall and Mark Dwyer
  • Donald and Makiko Harrison
  • Alison Head
  • Tracy Heinzman
  • Marlys Johnson
  • B. Wayne Johnson
  • Judy Judd-Price
  • Rich and Gina Kelley
  • Hannah Koca
  • Robert C. Leland
  • Carolyn Martin
  • Morris Matson
  • Kathy McDermott-Narezo
  • Francesca McLin and Verónica Betancourt
  • Tia and Maurice McNair
  • Lynn McNicol
  • Jamelia and Dennis Meals
  • Jason Mongue
  • Jacqueline Morby
  • Laura Murphy
  • Richard Murray
  • Stephen Nelson and Samantha Adams
  • Tam Nguyen
  • Nancy Brand Patel
  • Suzanne Petroni
  • Jean Plowright
  • James Radner
  • Rachel Rock
  • Sharon Sanders
  • Helene Shore and Jim Dieter
  • Joanne and Jim Steinback
  • Laurie Strongin and Allen Goldberg
  • Elizabeth Sturgeon
  • Rabbi Shira Stutman and Russell Shaw
  • Yiin Tham
  • Melissa Tidwell
  • Tong Vang
  • Sally Wells

Kakenya’s Dream strives to be complete and accurate in recognizing the generous support of our donors. We regret any omissions or errors.

Foundation / Organizational Donors

  • ELMA Philanthropies
  • ERIKS Development Partner
  • Women for Change
  • Rainwater Charitable Fund
  • Tides Foundation
  • Woka Foundation
  • AJG Fund
  • Greater Washington Community Foundation
  • The Montei Foundation
  • Population Connection
  • Segal Family Foundation
  • Social Initiative Educate Girls
  • Wellspring Philanthropic Fund
  • Harl & Evelyn Mansur Family Foundation
  • InMaat Foundation
  • O’Kane Family Foundation
  • Straus Family Foundation
  • The Uhrig/Vournas Charitable Fund
  • Coca-Cola
  • The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
  • The David R. and Patricia D. Atkinson Foundation
  • Every Good Thing
  • Journey Foundation
  • Katonah Education Exchange Program
  • Roger and Katherine Flahive Foundation
  • Sirovich Family Foundation
  • Sybiel Berkman Foundation
  • Tate Family Generosity Fund
  • Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
  • Fairy Godmother Society
  • Henry E. Niles Foundation
  • Ruth Elizabeth Shinn Living Trust
  • Williams Family Foundation
  • Cooperative Bank
  • KCB Foundation
  • Kenya Education Fund 
  • Nikki Russell
  • St. Angela’s Isibania Girls’ Secondary School
  • Ruparel Memorial Foundation
  • Women for Change
  • Zizi Afrique Foundation (ALIVE)

Pledge payments made in 2022 against multi-year pledges are recognized above regardless of the year in which the original pledge was made.


Total: $2,165,312

Total: $1,652,404

The financials above are audited figures for the U.S. 501(c)3.

*Revenue that was sent directly to Kenya is not included in the U.S. financials.

Village by village and day by day, your generous support is transforming community health across rural Kenya. Thank you.

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