The Dream

We dream of a world
where African women and girls
are valued and respected as leaders
and equal in every way.

What's standing in our way?


From the moment they’re born, girls and boys in our community face different, and often unequal, expectations and access to resources and opportunities. This occurs in their homes, schools, future workplaces, and society at large.

In the communities we serve, girls are likely to be:

To quantify these challenges in our community:

of girls haven't completed a primary (elementary) education
0 %
of girls haven't completed a secondary (high school) education
0 %
of girls are subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM)
0 %
are married by the age of 19
0 %

Unfortunately, these problems that Kakenya’s Dream seeks to fix in Kenya are ones that are experienced around the world.

girls aged 6-17 who should be in school are not
0 mil
adolescent girls under 18 will marry every year
0 mil
girls undergo FGM every year
0 mil
an adolescent girl dies as a result of violence every 10 minutes
0 min


With access to the proper support and resources, a much brighter future is possible. But where do we begin?

At Kakenya’s Dream, we decided to start with



Education is a human right in and of itself, but it is also a gateway that can lead to the fulfillment of other human rights and lays the foundation for overall empowerment.

Girls who are able to access a quality primary and secondary education are more likely to avoid child marriage and teen pregnancy.

reduction in child marriage when girls receive 12 years of education
0 %
increase in future wages for every year that a girl stays in secondary school
0 %

If and when they do get married, girls who have had secondary education marry later, have children at a more suitable age, and have healthier children who live longer and are more educated themselves. 

In essence, educating girls creates a ripple effect that not only benefits them, but also lifts up their families, communities, and entire nations. 

That’s why education is the cornerstone of our work.


Founded in 2008, Kakenya’s Dream began as a single school serving 30 vulnerable girls. 14 years later, Kakenya’s Dream is a robust nonprofit organization supporting girls holistically with a foundation of quality education in addition to community-based health and leadership programs designed to empower girls to become agents of change, end harmful traditional practices including FGM and child marriage, and transform communities in rural Kenya.

We are raising the next generation of Kenyan women leaders and sharing our replicable model for girls’ education and empowerment across Africa.

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