Kakenya Center for Excellence Students Continue to Outperform in National Exams

In November, all eighth graders in Kenya sat for their KCPEs, the national primary school exam. The KCPE tests students on material from the past five years of primary school and the exam results determine the students’ high school placement. Getting a high score on the KCPE is vital if a student is looking to attend a nationally ranked high school, to which all our students aspire. This year, we had 33 eighth grade girls take the KCPE. They spent the months before the exam diligently reviewing the material and participating in extra tutoring sessions for their more challenging subjects.

Our teachers, program staff, and parents all rallied together to support the students as best they could, encouraging them and printing practice test after practice test to help the girls familiarize themselves with the test’s format and question style.

After three long days of exams, the girls waited anxiously for a full month to get their scores back. They, their parents, and the entire community were delighted when we finally received the students’ reports, which showed that the Kakenya Center for Excellence once again achieved scores much higher than the national average. Only 25% of students nationally scored above 300 points on the exam, while all but four of our students scored above that mark (with the other four only missing 300 by a few points.) In addition, five of our students scored above 350 points, which placed them in the top 7% of students nationally.

With these scores, our students have qualified for prestigious nationally ranked high schools and the community is celebrating their success. We are excited to see what these young women accomplish in high school and beyond, and can’t wait to tell you about their future achievements.


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