Day of the African Child

June 16 is International Day of the African Child (IDAC). Celebrated around the world, IDAC honors African children’s dignity and rights, especially access to high-quality education.

This year’s theme is “leave no child behind in Africa’s development”. Unfortunately, many African children are still unable to access healthcare, clean water, education, and nutrition. Conflict and violence, along with climate change and natural disasters, also keep too many African children from living happy, healthy lives.

Our girls are some of the most marginalized and underserved in Africa. As part of very rural and deeply traditional communities, they, along with their families, have been largely left behind— or left out entirely—of Kenya’s development.

The Kakenya’s Dream model changes that story. We go the “last mile” to ensure no child is left behind. That is why we are highlighting an important children’s right each day of the week leading up to International Day of the African Child. We believe children deserve to be:

Help us leave no girl behind this year for
International Day of the African Child!


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