KCE II High School Opens

On May 7, 2018 KCE II–the new Kakenya’s Dream campus–welcomed its first students.

The 18 talented and driven ninth-grade girls’ families struggled to pay for their education. 10 of the girls were attending day schools, meaning they had to walk long distances to and from school and likely received little food until evening. Many of the girls’ schools did not have access to science laboratories or computers. Large class sizes, few textbooks, and a shortage of school supplies also limited the girls’ abilities to learn.

Today, the girls are thriving at KCE II. They study science, mathematics, geography, English, Kiswahili, history, and agriculture. Together with their teachers, the girls live and learn in solar-powered buildings on the scenic hilltop campus. A matron, security staff, and cook also provide for the girls’ wellbeing outside the classroom.

KCE II will eventually become a full-fledged junior and senior high school, educating more than 500 students in grades 7-12. KCE II is still under construction, but its innovative design ensures it will become the model for a sustainable and world-class campus in rural communities.


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