Kakenya’s Dream Launches Journalism Club at KCE I

In collaboration with the Daily Nation, one of Kenya’s largest newspapers, Kakenya’s Dream launched a journalism club for students at KCE I earlier this month.

The club is made up of fifth-seventh grade students led by English teachers. Throughout the academic year, newspapers will be delivered weekly to each club member, giving students the chance to read and discuss current events in Kenya and around the world. Our students will also have the opportunity to write and even publish their own pieces in Junior Spot, a children’s pull-out magazine published weekly in the Daily Nation.

Our new partnership with the Daily Nation is part of a growing effort at our boarding schools to provide an array of unique opportunities to our girls to round out their academic curriculum, build skills, and discover new interests. Our goal is twofold: We want our students to learn about new issue areas and potential career paths, and we want to offer them opportunities rarely available to youth in the remote region where our programs are based.

Last year, we launched a partnership with Storymoja, a creative Kenyan publishing company in an effort to nurture a lifelong love for reading in our girls. In communities like ours that do not have local bookstores or public libraries, the only reading material typically available to students are academic textbooks. Novels and storybooks are a rarity, and as a result, children do not develop the habit of reading for pleasure. Similarly, newspapers are also difficult to come by in our community and journalistic writing isn’t a common skill. Through our reading and journalism clubs, we hope to create a space where our students can explore these new areas and speak about pressing events happening around the world. In a remote community like ours, access to world news will help shape our students into informed global citizens while also giving them their first glimpse into the field of journalism and publishing. 

Further, we hope the journalism club serves to builds our girls’ self esteem. Our partnership with the Daily Nation will culminate with a special feature article published in Junior Spot about KCE I and our journalism club members. For our students, it will be their very first opportunity to get published and have a story published about them, and we hope it’s an experience that gives them a sense of pride.

It’s our mission at Kakenya’s Dream to go beyond just a classroom education. We strive to encourage and empower our students to actively discover their passions while providing the tools necessary to pursue them. Whether it’s reading a mystery novel just for fun, publishing their first article in a newspaper, singing in the school chorus, or joining the volleyball team, we believe in a holistic approach to education that includes a robust range of opportunities to spark their interests.


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