Shining Light During Dark Times: The Angaza Project

The Angaza Project is Kakenya’s Dream’s emergency response to the COVID-19 crisis, designed to ensure our girls are empowered to continue learning and that their critical needs are met throughout the pandemic.

We spent the month of March calling each of our students to hear how they are coping at home since our schools have closed. Many expressed that they and their families were struggling without basic necessities like soap, feminine hygiene products, and staple foods. Our girls also weren’t able to learn during the day because they are expected to do all the household chores. By the time they finished in the evening, the sun had gone down and they have no electricity for reading and writing.

These are dark times for our girls, and we feel it’s our duty to shine the light of hope and guide them through this difficult moment, so we’ve launched the Angaza Project. Through the Angaza Project, our team will be providing regular care packages to our students’ households that include the basic necessities they lack at home, as well as supplies our girls need to take part in distance learning opportunities while our schools are closed.

Distance learning is happening across Kenya right now via radio broadcast lessons, so Kakenya’s Dream purchased solar radios and lights to include in each student’s first care package. Additional care packages including food, cleaning supplies, feminine hygiene products, and additional learning materials will continue to be provided on a monthly basis to all of our students and their families through the duration of the pandemic. If you’d like to support this critical project, please make a donation today.


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