Donor Spotlight: Linda Winslow

Linda Winslow has been a committed member of the Kakenya’s Dream community for eight years!

She is also a founding member of our Kuza Circle. Established in 2017/2018, the Kuza Circle is a members-only group of supporters who give at least $1,250 annually, which is the amount necessary to support a girl through our programs for a full year. 

From her travels as a journalist, Linda became deeply invested in gender equality and girls’ education. She visited our campuses a few years ago and saw firsthand the transformation our students undergo through our programs. “Gender inequality in Kenya is not that different from gender inequality in the United States or anywhere else. It’s a constant struggle and the best people to fight that struggle are educated people. Supporting Kakenya’s Dream is important to those of us who want to see a better, more peaceful, more productive world. It’s a way to make a difference, and it matters very much to the people there, but it also matters to the rest of us.”

You can learn about her experience and what brought her to Kakenya’s Dream in the video below. Interested in joining the Kuza Circle? Click here to make your gift today.


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