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Grade 6

Gloria, 12, hails from the Masurura area of Transmara West, Narok County. Her parents are small-scale farmers with no formal education. She is the second born of four siblings.

Before joining us, Gloria studied at Ndonyo Primary School located a few miles from her home. She says she heard about KCE I from a neighbor last year. “My mum’s friend came over and told her that there was a good school where children from humble backgrounds receive support. My mother was so happy and she brought me for enrollment.”

She says she had not seen the school until enrollment day. Her face lights up with joy as she recalls the experience. “When I saw the good-looking buildings, I longed to join. I had never seen story buildings before!”

Days later, her mother received a phone call informing them that Gloria had been selected to join KCE I in 2021. “I was so happy. I saw my mother shedding tears. She spoke passionately about the school. She said many girls who had gone through the school were doing well, with many in universities.”

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