Individual Donors

Kakenya’s Dream is deeply grateful to the individuals who help us realize the potential of every girl we serve through their generosity and commitment to our vision.

Their support creates a life-changing impact for not only our students, but also for the families and communities who reap the benefits of an empowered, educated girl.

$25,000 +

Bruce & Charlene Bainum

Alice Ball

Lynda & Stewart Resnick

Roger Sant

Inua Circle

$10,000 to $24,999

Mary Jo Arnoldi & Craig Subler

John Lee Compton

Danyelle & Adam De Jong

Robert T Greig & Susan M Greig

Marlene M. Johnson

Alison & Scott Mellon

Judy & Kevin Moak

Joanie D. Nasher

Harriet Saperstein

Peggy & Brian Sassi

Dottie & Ken Woodcock

Nguzo Circle

$5,000 to $9,999

Anonymous (2)

Ronit Berkman

Tara Bunch

Brian Corcoran

Diane & Lee Crockett 

Charitable Fund

Leslie Calman 

Norma Dicker

Linda Howard

Betty Hudson & Boyd Matson

Amy Kaslow

Jeanie Milbauer

Wendy Munger

Harold Joseph Newman

John & Bev Reno

Helene Shore & Jim Dieter

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Triano

Lee & Sam Wood

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Individuals listed are current in FY2023. Pledge payments made in 2023 against multi-year pledges are recognized above regardless of the year in which the original pledge was made.

Kakenya’s Dream strives to be complete and accurate in recognizing the generous support of our donors. We regret any omissions or errors.

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