Support College-Bound Girls

Kakenya’s Dream exists thanks to a community of individuals who want to see a world where every girl and every woman is valued enough to be nurtured, educated, and allowed to decide her own destiny. 

53 graduates of Kakenya’s Dream are now heading off to college. 

We will continue to support them through our Network for Excellence program, providing college and career guidance, scholarships and financial aid, tutoring, and social support so that our students are set up for success in adulthood.

Show them your support!

Add your name to this letter!

Dear College-Bound Girls,

We – supporters of Kakenya’s Dream who live on all corners of the globe – write to share words of encouragement as you go on to tertiary education. 

You may never have met us, but please know that we care about you and your success. As you face challenges in the path ahead, please remember that we stand with you. We look forward to hearing about your future success. 

Congratulations on all that you have achieved to date, and good luck in your continuing education!

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