Teacher Appreciation Week Spotlight: Mr. Victor Nyambok

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Kakenya’s Dream sat down to chat with Mr. Victor Nyambok, one of our stellar new teachers at our second school, KCE II. Mr. Nyambok joined KCE II when the campus first opened in May of 2018.

Kakenya’s Dream: Can you tell us a bit about your background and what inspired you to become a teacher?

Mr. Nyambok: I am passionate about teaching because I like to encourage young people to discover and become the best version of themselves. I get to help them become future leaders and achieve their dreams. I started teaching in 2017 after completing my BA in education. I started out teaching mathematics at a high school in Western Kenya and coaching PE classes, badminton, and tennis. I joined KCE II last May when the school opened and welcomed its inaugural class.  

Kakenya’s Dream: What subjects do you teach at KCE II?

Mr. Nyambok: I teach mathematics and business to our ninth and tenth grade students.

Kakenya’s Dream: Why did you decide to teach at KCE II and how has your experience at KCE been so far?

Mr. Nyambok: Well, it saddens me how common it is that students drop out of school in Kenya because of severe poverty and thus an inability to pay for their education, and of course the harmful traditional practices like FGM and early marriage that interfere with girls’ education. I was particularly inspired by Kakenya’s Dream because of their work to support the education of the most vulnerable children in our area, and that’s why I wanted to teach at KCE II. I knew I would be proud to associate myself with Kakenya’s Dream and the great schools that they operate.

Since being on staff, I’ve learned that everyone from my fellow faculty at KCE II to the program staff of Kakenya’s Dream really go the extra mile to ensure not only that girls are in school, but that they have the support they need to really succeed and continue their education after they leave our schools.

Kakenya’s Dream: What do you like to do during your free time?

Mr. Nyambok: Outside of school, I love spending time with family, playing keyboard, and listening to music. During my free time at the school, I enjoy providing extra lessons and support to my students to help them improve academically, especially those that I’ve identified who need extra assistance in the subjects I teach. I provide the extra lessons during students’ free periods as well as during lunch and tea breaks. I also enjoy coaching our volleyball team after school.

Kakenya’s Dream: Why is education important to you?

Mr. Nyambok: Education is important because not only does it instill critical knowledge in upcoming citizens, but it promotes self-awareness and a sense of independence in young people. Most of all, education transforms communities when young people use their education to give back to society.

At Kakenya’s Dream, we could not fulfill our mission without passionate, dedicated teachers like Mr. Nyambok. Teachers change the lives of millions of children around the world every day, and their impact extends far beyond the boundaries of the classroom.


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